Sunrise Tree Farm

Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Garland

SERF Certified since 2011


We ran retail lots or a choose and cut from 1972 to 2015.  With our years of experience in retailing Christmas trees and wreaths, we can help you grow your business! 


Committed to sustainable

Christmas tree growing. 

We use ground covers & integrated pest management to minimize muddy harvested trees, soil erosion and the impact on wildlife and waterways while producing excellent trees.

SERF Certified since 2011
"A SERF certified tree represents added assurance that your real tree is grown using the best and safest methods known."
Chal Langren, Christmas Tree Specialist & Professor, Oregon State University Extension
SERF Performance Standards
Noble Fir

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Decorated wreath

 Lot Supplies:

   Tree care brochures    

   Tree care sign

   Talking Tree module

   Holiday Specs


Supplies & Help
Supplies & Help for Retailers
Natural Style Noble Fir
We have two styles of noble fir: sheared and Cascade style.  Sheared trees are shaped with a knife.  Cascade style are hand pruned and are the more traditional, natural style that is more open and more obviously layered. 
Grand Fir


& Garland

More foliage, shapes and 

sizes available upon request.

Greens order must be received
by October 20t


Pat does our grading.  His consistency is renown.  We have three grades of Douglas.  Choose the ones that best suit your customers.


Diamond shaped swag


Questions we can help with:

   How many trees do I need?

   I have access to several locations, which is best?

   How do I set up my lot?

   How do I do a fundraiser for my school?

   Do I need to do flocking?