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The Latest News from the Farm

July, 2016
     This summer we are working with Gwendolyn Ellen, Senior Faculty Research Assistant at Oregon State University.  She is surveying our farm for insects - both good and bad.  With her help we are trying to design a better cover crop to attract the predator bugs at the right time as part of the Farmscaping for Beneficials Project at the Integrated Plant Protection Center.

September, 2015
     The oak restoration is completed.   We lost a few of the Douglas we had saved on the edge to the ice storm of last November and the drought of this summer.   We still have some cleanup to do.  The trails are established and seeded with grass.
October, 2014
    The oak restoration is nearly finished.  It looks so different!  The oaks (and a few Douglas fir) will now have the space they need to grow.  There is a lot more sunlight and Pat has worked to created hiking trails.  He planted a ground cover on all our skid roads that seem to be doing their job with all the rain we have had. 

September, 2013
     We have finished the first step towards a 10 acre "Oak Restoration" .   Thirty some years ago we looked at the old woodlot and started thinning the oak for firewood for the house here built in 1898 and letting the Douglas fir have more sunlight.  We were amazed that the 6" diameter oak we cut down were 50-60 years old. 
     After we built our passive solar house, we didn't need much firewood and our attention needed to be on the Christmas trees. 
     Around 1996 an oak "bearing tree" blew over in the woodlot from a heavy rain and wind storm.   A "bearing tree" is one used as a surveyor's marker.   We cut a round and discovered the tree was about 275 years old!!  Betty needed a magnifying glass to count the rings.  This inspired our rethinking about how we look at the woodlot.  We have come full circle and are now thinning the Douglas to restore the oak savannah on those acres.

December 4, 2012:   Just finished loading the last semi truck for a wholesale customer.  Many thanks to our great crew, friends and family who helped out!  It feels good to be able to focus just on the choose and cut.  The weather looks pretty good for this weekend.

May 22nd:
     Just saw that we have beaver damage by the bridge to our wholesale yard and house.  Five 30' tall Western Red Cedar trees have been killed.  We planted those 20 years ago to help hold the soil next to the creek and bridge into our farm.  I put 3' tall chicken wire around the nearby larger cedars to prevent further damage.  Almost all of the western reds that were planted in the last three years are gone from this area.  The beaver certainly know what they like!
May 21st:
     We are doing a fertilizer test to see if two smaller applications of fertilizer will do a better job of greening up some of  our true firs.  The second application went on Saturday just before Sunday's rain.  Perfect timing.

April 23rd:
     Planting for 2012 has been done for awhile and now it is time to do farm maintenance.  Next up is a new head for the backhoe. 
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